About Us

About The Offensive Talk Radio Show:

OTR believes in the freedom to say what you feel in the media, without worry of offending people. MafiaLife Chris & Petey Flo, Two punks from Brooklyn, New York sit down and discuss the latest trending topics, and the topics most podcasts have no guts to touch up on. Never trying to deliberately offend, but just not caring if they do.

About MafiaLife Chris:

Meet MafiaLife Chris. A self proclaimed king of all mob entertainment media, or internet godfather. But, he is the only one who thinks so. The rest of the people just hear him plug whoring all of his MafiaLife Blog and Mob Candy Magazine projects on The Ron and Fez Radio Show, or doing his own podcasts. An expert in social media, and branding your business on the web. He can be a passive-aggressive asshole, and shoots off the ignorant hip. But, he is the reasonable one on the show.

About Petey Flo:

Meet Petey Flo, our residential rapper, and quick to tell you to go kill yaself. When he is not making a rap song, he is biting the ears off of his fist fight opponents since way before Tyson made it trendy. We stopped counting at about 4 ear bites, but we managed to calm him down enough to do a radio broadcast. HeĀ is an abrasive and offensive douche with his opinions. Do not piss him off.